Best Mini RC Helicopter

​There are many things to consider when selecting your best mini RC helicopter. Many of these gadgets will provide you with interesting features and advanced designs.

One important advantage of buying a mini helicopter is the fact that it should be much simpler to fly indoors. Which gives you the chance to train several times every day. Plus, you will worry much less about the weather or other issues preventing you from having fun.

So, let’s check out a few of the best mini RC helicopters available today.

Airhogs Havoc Heli​

best mini rc helicopter

This is a great RC helicopter appropriate for most ages. Especially if you have kids eight years or older, they’re going to enjoy this heli. And the best part of the rc helicopter is that this baby can go anywhere you want!​

The Airhog havoc RC helicopter has tiny dimensions – 6 inches long, and weighs just 10 grams, so it fits easily in the palm of your hand. Due to its lightweight body, it is extremely robust against crashes, allowing it to be an excellent option for every novice.​

​Like all small toys, there are of course some cons. One in particular, which I want to bring to your focus is, that this is only a 2 channel, heli which means you are able to only go up, down, right and left. There’s no control for forward or reverse movement. So, it is not perfect, but, most likely it’s a great choice for a beginner.


Helizone Firebird Mini RC Helicopter

mini rc helicopter reviews

The Firebird Mini RC Helicopter is a quite compact helicopter with a lot of heart. It has a metal alloy constructed frame that offers a reliable and smooth flight when it tears across the air.

The Gyroscope system is integrated to this incredibly designed helicopter to provide a stable flight.

The internal gyroscope is a system that is designed to detect unwanted movement in the helicopter. When this movement is detected it signals the tail to correct or limit the movement.  This is the system that makes flying RC helicopters much more easy these days.

The helizone Firebird has many cool features, and one of them is the LED lights. The lights are bright and make flying this bird in low light really cool.


Hummingbird Super Mini RC Helicopter

best mini rc helicopter

The Hummingbird Super Mini rc helicopter is fun for all ages, problem is for kids is that their dads usually play with it more than they get to. Sorry kiddo’s!

​This is a tiny rc helicopter, like only around 2″ tall and 3.5″ long tiny. But it’s still incredibly fun and easy to fly. It to has a built in gyro to help with stability while flying.

​The 3.5 channels let you fly up and down, forward and backward and turn left and right. You might be thinking this should be normal controls for all RC helicopters? Its not really, the more channels the more controls you have. So for this tiny chopper to have 3.5 channels is pretty impressive.

​You have a flight control distance of around 15 meters, that is a good distance for indoor flight. You can fly it outdoors to, but be aware this is a tiny lightweight helicopter. It only weighs 4.2 ounces, so wind and other elements will have a great affect on it outside.

​Charging time is around 25 minutes and you and can get around 10 minutes of fun fly time.


Haktoys HAK321 Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

best small rc helicopter

The Haktoys HAK321 is another 3.5channel RC helicopter built for all ages. It’s great for beginners because it’s dead simple to fly and can take a pounding. For that reason if you’re new to RC helicopters I’d highly recommend this model.

​Charging and flight time is fairly decent compared to similar models, it takes around 30 minutes to charge with 8 minutes of fly time.

​The 3.5 channels let you fly up and down, forward and backward and clockwise and anti-clockwise.

​The HAK321 has a super cool look, if you haven’t noticed its design and paint job reflect those of the United States Coast Guard.

​The only downside I have with this RC helicopter, it’s best suited for indoor flight only. The IR controller could be affected by UV light from the sun.


Syma S026G Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

best mini rc helicopter

The 3 channel mini Chinook from Syma is an awesome looking little helicopter. So while this one is still a mini chopper its not quite as small as the others on the list. But if I’m being honest, this one is probably my favorite from a design perspective.

​It’s 3 channels allow for up and down flight, clock and counter clockwise turns with forward and backwards.

​The 3.7v 150mAh li-po battery charges in approximately 20 minutes and has a flight time of around 6 to 7 minutes.

Like all the other rc helicopters now days this one also has an internal gyro for stable flight. It also has a flashing LED light for a nice visual effect that cat act as a search light while in flight.​

​This chopper is geared towards beginners, but I find it a little more difficult to fly than say the Syma S107G. If your in the market as a complete newbie to flying rc helicopters you would probably be better starting off with the S107G.



RC helicopters have always been a passion of mine, I’ve always loved flying them and making them navigate in and out of precarious situations. Now with them getting smaller, fitting them into those tight spaces makes for an even greater challenge. If you’re limited on space but would still like to have fun indoors, having the best mini rc helicopter can provide you with hours of entertainment.