Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Easy RC Cars to Drive

Are you an RC enthusiast and want to pass off the hobby to your kids? Looking for the best remote control cars for kids to practice with before they take on the bigger mammoths?

RC cars are independent of age as anyone can use them and enjoy them. However, some are specifically designed to help kids take off in the world of Rc cars. Shall we dive in?

While the name may be a little generic, this RC car sure isn’t. The Rabing RC car is the best remote control car for kids for many reasons. But to name just a few, the car is fast, but not to fast it’s uncontrollable, perfect speed for kids. Battery life is good with 20 minute run time. The car is strong and durable, but if it does get broken replacement parts are readily available and they are easy to replace on this RC car.

Why Should Kids Play with an RC Car? (Benefits):

Remote control cars can provide kids with a lot of joy and excitement. They impart a bunch of characteristics that are not usually seen with the other toys.

Apart from increasing their cognitive abilities, they enhance their motor skills as well. The following are the 5 major benefits of an RC car for a kid:

Hand-Eye Coordination

How does it come to play in RC cars? Well, your kid will have to drive something from afar, he will see where the car is moving and use his hands to control the car through the transmitter. This ultimately leads to a boost in visual-motor coordination.

Since kids and especially toddlers are still learning, driving an RC car can play a huge role in developing their capabilities.

Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness means to be aware of the position an object is in and how it will move ahead. You might think of it as a natural instinct, however, kids learn it as they grow up.

They will have to estimate the position of the car and how it moves relative to its surroundings. They process the distance it is away from another object to avoid crashes and collisions.

Imaginative Capabilities

Some RC car kits allow kids to build and paint their own RC car. This tends to promote creativity and imagination. They can personalize their own RC car just the way they want it.

We recommend all parents not to assemble the cars themselves, instead call your kid and teach him to do it on his own. This promotes imagination as well as logical and scientific thinking.

Family Bonding

RC cars can substantially improve and strengthen family ties. You get to teach them how to drive their favorite toy, thus bringing them utmost joy. They will take pride in their driving skills and thank you for it.

You could organize weekly races encouraging all siblings, cousins, and friends to participate. This will develop a sense of unity amongst them.


Owning and driving an RC car introduces a new concept of responsibility to your child. RC cars are not like other cheaper toys, they require the utmost care and maintenance.

Your kid will learn responsibility when they have to care for the car, oil it, clean it and store it in place after playing with it.

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids Buying Guide

You need to consider the following features when buying an RC car for your kids.

  1. Age Group

With a huge variety of RC cars on the market, it can be quite difficult to pick one out. The simplest way is to consider the age group.

Younger kids mostly want cars that make lights and sounds and they have simpler controls, while older kids wish for one they can customize. So, the first step should be to look for the age group the car will be suitable for.

  1. Price

Like every other toy, you need to consider the amount you should invest in the car. The best remote control cars for kids usually cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

When buying for younger kids, investing in a cheaper car is more feasible as they are more prone to break or crash it while we would recommend investing a little more for older kids. Material, construction, brand, and performance are all factors that determine a car’s price.

  1. Types

There are many different types of RC cars such as buggies, monster trucks and nitro powered ones. Some are excellent for racing on the pavement while others perform better off-road.

If your child is a beginner, then look for one that can easily perform in the house, however, for older kids, we recommend going for an all-terrain racing type.

  1. Battery life

No matter which age group your kid might fall in, we recommend choosing the car with the longest battery life. No kid wants to play only 15 minutes with their car and most do not have the patience to wait 2 hours for it to charge up again.

So, go for something that has the shortest charging time and the longest play time. You can choose models that come with an additional battery so you can switch out when one of them is drained.

  1. Ergonomics of the Transmitter

There are mostly two types of transmitters: Pistol Grip and the Stick Control. The stick controller resembles a video game joystick and thus may be easier for the kids to handle. However, it tends to cause strain on their hands.

The Pistol Grip is easier to use and is ergonomic in nature, however, it might take some getting used to.

Top 5 Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Now that we have an idea of what to look for in the best remote control cars for kids, let’s take a look at a few cars that we recommend in this category.

Distianert Electric RC Car

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The Distianert RC car is the first step in making your kid an RC fanatic. This 2WD real-life desert buggy has been modeled off a real buggy and built to a scale of 1:16.

Why would your kid like it? It features simple operations that your kid can learn on the go. It requires no special training whatsoever!

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz Radio Control System, the car can be controlled easily up to distances of about 30 m. The transmission is interference free so, they can race with all of their friends and stay in full control.

The easiest part is it comes pre-assembled. You won’t have to waste hours trying to figure out which part goes where.

The Pistol Grip Transmitter is easy to use and ergonomic as well.  It is equipped with a 6.4V 700mAh battery that runs for 15 minutes. However, the charging time of the battery 180 minutes.

With its powerful motor, it can reach top speeds of up to 12 mph. With its durable explosion proof body, the Distianert can certainly make its place in your kid’s heart!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Simple and efficient operation.
  3. Interference-free transmission.
  4. Lifelike design.
  5. Ergonomic transmitter.
  6. Explosion proof PVC body.
  7. High speeds of up to 15 km/hr.


  1. It is not waterproof.
  2. The battery life is quite low.

Subotech Remote Control Car

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The Subotech RC cars are perhaps the most reliable remote control cars you can get for your kids. Featuring a simple operation and easy to use functions, your kid will learn the ropes in minutes.

The RC car itself is durable and firm with crash protective material so you do not have to worry about the little ones crashing these. The PVC rubber wheels are shockproof and anti-skid. They ensure the car can run on types of tracks especially off-road.

These wheels give support to the car while jumping or an unexpected dropping and absorb the shock to protect the internal electronic component of the car.

This off-road vehicle features a 2.4 GHz transmission system with a huge range of 165 feet. The transmitter itself is ergonomic and does not cause any strain on the hand. It features a 4.8V 500mAh Ni-Cd battery that features a playtime of about 20 minutes and a charging time of 2.5 hours.

It is equipped with a powerful motor to help you reach top speeds of about 15 Km/hr. You will have a hard time trying to get your kids to stop playing!


  1. Ready to Run
  2. Ergonomic Transmitter.
  3. Shockproof and anti-skid tires.
  4. Durable and firm construction.
  5. Compatible with all types of tracks.
  6. Fast speed up to 15 km/hr.


  1. The battery life is quite low.
  2. The USB charger is slow.

Rabing RC Car

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The Rabing RC car is all the rage when it comes to the best remote control cars for kids! Afraid your kids will bump it too much and eventually crash it?

No worries, the Rabing RC car is equipped with strong rubber semi-pneumatic tires that provide flexibility. They are constructed out of PVC and feature a strong grip and anti-skidding properties that ensure your kids can enjoy this car on all terrains.

Furthermore, these wheels have suspension springs installed which imparts a shock resistant function to them.  This protects all electronic components inside.

Also included is an ergonomic 2.4 GHz transmitter with anti-jamming capabilities so all the neighborhood kids can play together. The controller allows a control range of up to 50m.

Also included is a 3.6 V 600 mAh Battery with a play time of about 20 minutes and a charge time of about 2 hours. This 2 Wheel Drive Car can move backward/ forward, turn or climb.

It can reach heart-pounding speeds of 15 km/hr. This is the perfect remote control car for your kids to practice on!


  1. Ready to Run
  2. Shockproof and anti-skid tires.
  3. Compatible with all terrains.
  4. Easy and simple functions.
  5. Anti-jamming transmission.
  6. Large transmission control range.
  7. High speeds of up to 15 km/hr.


  1. The play time is too low.
  2. It is not waterproof.

STOTOY High-Speed RC Car

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Featuring a unique monster truck inspired design, the Stotoy High-Speed RC Car is a fan favorite! This high-speed RC car features a 2 Wheel Drive making the functions very easy for kids to handle.

This rc car is built to a scale of 1:24, which is small enough to zoom around in your home without causing too much disturbance. Although, it is designed to be an offroad car so its more than capable of outdoor play as well.

The spring suspension system allows the car to jump over the roughest of terrains as it is shock resistant. This ensures your car does not break too easily even after a lot of crashes.

2.4 GHz transmitter grants a control range of up to 50m and the interference-free transmission allows the kids to play at the same time without fear of losing control.

The Stotoy can reach top speeds of 15 km/hr due to its powerful motor. It runs on 4AA batteries, however, those are not included in the package.

These do not last a long time and run their course in 3 to 4 days as they are non-rechargeable. With the Stotoy, your kids will be zooming all over the house!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Efficient and simple functions.
  3. Compatible with all kinds of tracks.
  4. Suitable for indoor use.
  5. Long range transmitter.
  6. Shock resistant body.
  7. Top speed of 15 km/hr.


  1. The car is too small and can easily be stepped on if not careful.
  2. The batteries are not rechargeable and last only 2-3 days.

Hapinic RC Car Off Road Vehicle

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The Hapinic RC car is the perfect Offroad vehicle for kids who love a good old monster truck. This blazing machine might look ferocious however, you can rest assured it is completely harmless.

The 1/18 scale built model is the perfect size for your kids to play outdoors! This RC vehicle is for kids who have some amount of experience in driving RC cars as it features a 4 wheel drive which makes it more complicated.

It’s perfect for driving on all kinds of tracks, be it ground, grass or sand. The Hi-Q Rubber wheels are anti-skid and feature a suspension shockproof system to protect the electronic components inside.

Also included is a 2.4 GHz transmitter with anti-interference technology, it can control the car from a range of up to 80 – 100m. It operates on two 4.8 V 70 mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery with a play time of 20-30 minutes and a charging time of 1-2 hours.

These cars can reach top speeds of about 15 km/hr ensuring your kids can enjoy the fast action of the monster truck. The Hapinic definitely paves the way for more complex car for your kids to enjoy in the future!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Interference-free transmission.
  3. Large control range.
  4. 100% safe materials used.
  5. Suspension Shockproof system.
  6. Longer play time.
  7. Top speed of about 15 km/hr.
  8. Compatible with all kinds of terrains.


  1. It may be harder to use as it is a 4WD.
  2. It is not waterproof.


Whichever car you buy, we are absolutely sure your kids will love it and enjoy it to the fullest. However, we had to choose one that clearly beat all the others to the finish line.

This exquisite RC car comes pre-assembled and has easy and simple functions. The best feature is its amazing tires, which are anti-skid and shockproof. It can work on all kinds of turfs making it valuable!

The transmission, performance and speed, all contributed in crowning the Rabing RC car as the best remote control cars for kids!