Best Nitro RC Trucks and Cars

Blazing Speed with Ultimate Control

Do you have the Need for Speed? Electric RC cars boring you on the race track? Still stuck on the first lap while your opponents have crossed the finish line? Well, we’ll tell you what to do! Ditch that electric RC car and invest in a Nitro Car.

Nitro cars have seemed to take the RC world by storm. The best nitro rc trucks and cars know no limits when it comes to speed! Read ahead to learn more about these elusive beasts!

TOP PICK: Traxxas Revo 3.3 BUY
The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is truly a beast of a machine. This 4WD nitro powered RC truck will surely impress with it’s Traxxas Stability Management System that allow you to race at mind blowing speeds all the while maintaining maximum control over the truck.

What are Nitro RC Cars?

Nitro powered RC cars are radio controlled cars that are powered by fuel. The fuel is a mixture of Methanol, nitromethane, and oil. They work more like their larger real-life counterparts as they have a two-stroke mini-engine.

Generally, the amount of nitro present is about 80 percent. These cars are intended more for professional use as they are harder to operate and much harder to maintain.

Benefits of a Nitro RC Car

While electric cars can be easier to maintain and they are perfect for hobbyists and amateurs, the Nitro RC cars hold their own. They include numerous benefits, which include:

  1. They are a lifelike version of their larger counterparts.
  2. You can fine-tune them according to your needs.
  3. They can reach higher speeds.
  4. They run for longer times.
  5. These cars are much cheaper in terms of fuel efficiency.

Concerns with Nitro RC Trucks

However, there can be various concerns and disadvantages to even the best nitro rc cars. These are:

  1. Only professionals or experienced drivers can run them smoothly.
  2. They are harder to operate.
  3. The engine needs to be started first.
  4. They go through a lot of wear and tear.
  5. These cars require constant maintenance.
  6. Parts need to be replaced more often.
  7. Crashing them could cause fires and explosions.
  8. They need more tools and a prior knowledge of engines.

Starting the Engine

Nitro engines need to be started before you can go ahead and race. There are three main ways of starting the nitro engine:

Pull Start

You can start the nitro engine by pulling a chord. The cord is attached to the engine already. These are harder to start, as they require more effort and take much more time.

Electric Start

A gearbox is installed on a small electric motor. These are easier to start, as all you have to do is push a small button that activates the motor. The motor, in turn, does require an onboard starter or a shaft mechanism.

Starter Box

An electrically powered disc from the starter box touches the flywheel of the car, which in turn starts the engine.

Best Nitro RC Car Buyers Guide

Let’s face it, nitro cars are no piece of cake and similarly buying one can turn out to be a hot mess. Especially for beginners just starting with a nitro car, it is easy to buy into a car with seemingly amazing features.

However, when you buy it, you realize it needs constant tweaks. For this purpose, we have compiled a complete buying guide to help you buy the car you need:


The first and foremost thing you need to decide is the budget. Nitro cars can be fairly expensive and they require a lot of time and money. So, pick out a specific budget that you can afford for the car.

Also, keep in mind you’ll need an extra budget for additional replacement parts or even custom parts that you would like to add to your car later on.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of the engine can determine the running time and the speed of the car. Larger the fuel capacity, the more fuel it can hold and thus the longer and faster the car will run. We recommend going with a larger fuel capacity car for that same reason.

Top Speed

The best feature of the nitro cars is their amazing top speed. Most nitro cars can reach up to 45+ MPH while the electric ones can only reach a mere 30. If you are buying an RC car for racing purposes, go for the highest top speed.

However, if you wish to use the car in the backyard or in a park, go for a lower speed one as a higher speed one can crash and burn easily.

Starting Mechanism

We have already mentioned the three starting mechanisms. Out of these, the best is the electric start ones. The starter box requires bulky boxes and you might need to buy them separately.

The pull starts ones require a lot of effort and time. The electric start ones can be easily started with the push of a button.

2WD vs 4WD

The Wheel Drive is another feature you should consider while buying a Nitro car. 2WD use only 2 wheels to power the car and are easier to operate. A 4WD requires the car to run on all wheels.

They are complex to operate. We would recommend beginners to go with the 2WD while professionals should try the 4WD as it helps attain the maximum power.

Ready to Run

The term “Ready to Run” means just that. The rc vehicle is ready to go out of the box, there is no assembly required. You simply add fuel and you’re ready to go. If you are a beginner, we recommend going for an RTR car.

Best Nitro RC Trucks and Cars

The nitro rc cars and trucks we’ve reviewed below are simply some of the best rc nitro trucks and cars on the market today. They are excellent choices for beginners because they are all ready to run out of the box.

Traxxas 53097 Revo 3.3 Nitro-Powered Monster Truck (4WD)

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Every RC fanatic and professional has heard of the pre-eminent Traxxas brand that has dominated the RC industry due to their high-quality products. The Revo Nitro Powered truck is fuel hungry beast that will rip your opponents to shreds on the track.

Traxxas infused an exclusively designed Traxxas SMS (Stability Management System) that allows you to reach blurring speeds by providing you with stability on the gritty dirt roads.

The telemetry sensors record all data as you drive and allows you to monitor your speed, RPM, battery et cetera. The EZ start battery and NiMH receiver pack ensure the easiest and fastest performance.

Also included is a fuel filler bottle, DC peak detecting fast charger, spare glow plug and other tools.

Further, the monster model includes a heavy-duty reversing transmission and waterproof steering servos. The fuel capacity of the engine is about 150 cc.

With its speeds topping 45+ MPH, this 4 Wheel Driven can really up your game and leave all your opponents in the dust!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Reaches up to a speed of 45 + MPH.
  3. Ensures stability with TSM.
  4. Allows you to measure your performance, speeds, battery etc.
  5. Includes various tools for easier handling.
  6. 150 cc fuel capacity.
  7. Suitable for all tracks.


  1. It comes with a car charger, which cannot be charged in the house.

Traxxas T-Maxx 4WD Monster Truck

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Another metal crunching beast from the Traxxas, the 4WD T-Max is a classic design that sets the standards for heavy-duty monster fun.

Designed for the ultimate pro, the T-Maxx features a heavy-duty body and low profile 3.2 inches Chevron tires that ensure agile handling and a better performance.

The highlight is the Precision 2.4 GHz Control Radio System that has no channels or frequencies ensuring an interference-free ride. The ruggedness and reliability of the monster machine allow it to work well on all kinds of terrains. Equipped with a 2.5 TRX Racing Engine, the fuel capacity of the machine is 125 cc.

Also included in the package is EZ start that allows your engine to start up immediately. The transmitter comes with a 2-amp DC Peak detecting fast charger to ensure larger play times.

The 8 adjustable oil-filled ultra shocks ensure the truck can run smoothly on all kinds of terrains. The T-Maxx definitely claws itself on the top due to its unparalleled features and a top speed of 40+ MPH.


  1. Ready to Run
  2. Compatible with all kinds of terrains.
  3. 125 cc fuel capacity.
  4. Reaches a top speed of 40+ MPH.
  5. Allows Interference free control.
  6. Includes a Car charger as well as an adaptor for charging at home.
  7. Features an easy engine startup.


  1. It does not come with any performance measurement tools.

Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2WD Stadium Truck

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The Traxxas Nitro Rustler has proven to be the savior of professional RC racers worldwide. The eminently strong TRX 2.5 Racing Engine powers the 2WD vehicle with a fuel capacity of 75 cc.

The 2WD and 75 cc might not seem attractive to some professionals, however, the top speed of 50+ Mph is enough to win them over. Equipped with the highly acclaimed TSM Technology, the car is perfect for all kinds of roads and terrains.

The 2.4 GHz Radio system ensures no interference between the transmission. The EZ start electric system ensures you do not have to go through painstaking efforts to start the engine.

The receiver includes a 2 Amp Peak Detecting fast Charger as well as an adaptor to allow you to charge at home. The Pro Rustler includes High volume oil filled ultra shocks that ensure the structure remains stable in all weathers and on all terrains!

The dirt roasting attitude of the Nitro rustler will have you bagging the champion trophy each time!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Reaches a top speed of 50+ MPH.
  3. Fuel capacity of 75 cc.
  4. Interference-free transmission.
  5. The engine can be easily started with the press of a button.
  6. Includes an adaptor for home charging.
  7. Extremely compatible with all kinds of terrains.


  1. The Rustler does not include telemetric tools.

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

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The Redcat Racing Shockwave is a pioneer when it comes to Nitro vehicles. The Shockwave is perfect for those beginners who are just treading out into the world of Nitro RC vehicles.

The engine included in the model is a pull start style with a 2.67 cc fuel capacity. The engine is extremely powerful and while it may be difficult to start it up, it definitely picks up speed.

The top speed of the vehicle is 35 MPH. The Aluminium chassis means this buggy is light and fast while being extremely durable at the same time. The Radio system is a 2.4 GHz and is absolutely interference free.

The 4 Wheel drive is a bonus however, the transmission system is a single speed one without any reverse. The Shockwave will surely stun your opponents in a huge cloud of dirt while it will be racing ahead to the finish line!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Interference-free transmission.
  3. Reaches a top speed of 35 MPH.
  4. Light and durable chassis.


  1. It features only a forward transmission system.
  2. The Low fuel capacity of 2.67 cc.
  3. The engine takes time to start.

Team Losi Desert Buggy K&N

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The Team Losi Desert Buggy is another Nitro miracle. With it, you are sure to mark your tracks on the sandy beaches leaving behind all competition!

The Buggy includes a pull start gasoline engine with a fuel capacity of 23 cc, which provides 40 minutes of an action-packed run.

This 4WD buggy is enormous in size with 1/5 scale meaning it is one-fifth the original model.  Included with the car is an air filter to increase airflow to the fuel tank ensuring a power packed performance.

Also included with the model is a Roll cage that protects the aluminum chassis from any fast speeds crashes that would result in damage in a lesser rc car.

The wheel and tires are easily replaceable and you can choose any combination you wish. The top speed of the model is 30+ MPH. It is equipped with a simple single transmission system, which means it does not go in reverse.

The Team Losi Desert Buggy is a great addition to your RC showroom. Mix in some fuel and you are good to go!


  1. Ready to Run.
  2. Provides 40 minutes of playtime.
  3. Includes a powerful engine and an air filter to enhance performance.
  4. Reaches speeds of up to 30+ MPH.


  1. No easy start engine button.
  2. Low capacity of 23 cc.
  3. It does not move in the reverse direction.


Nitro cars can be your savior on the race track with their dust kicking top speeds. All the above cars will help you vanquish your opponents on the race track. However, one of them stood out loud and clear.

This monster comes pre-assembled and can reach top speeds of 45 + MPH. An extremely strapping engine powered it with a fuel capacity of a whopping 150cc.

Further, it included some extra tools that would help you tweak the car according to your needs. Any guesses? Yes! The Traxxas Revo 3.3 Monster Truck is a savage beast that has clawed its way to the top of our list!