Today’s Best RC Basher – There’s no Crying in Bashing!

best rc bashers

For racing enthusiasts, RC bashing season is the most looked forward to and fun season of the year. Who doesn’t want to race without rules and as ole Harry Hogge says, do a little “rubbing”. That’s a Days of Thunder reference for you youngsters. So for this RC bashing season we are going to help … Read more

Best Drones Under $100: Quality and Durability on a Limited Budget

best drones under $100

Tired of the cheaper drones with limited features and capabilities? Want a little more bang for your buck, such as recording and VR computability? Or perhaps you want better play time and want to perform some sweet aerobatic maneuvers. Well, for a little more edge to your drones, you might need to invest a little … Read more

Best Drones Under $50 – Quality Drones on a Budget

best drones under $50

You’ve got that itch to buy a drone, but you don’t want to spend your whole paycheck right? Check out these quick drone reviews below, they are the best drones under $50 you’ll find with some awesome features to boot. But First…before we get into all that, let’s take a look at what features you … Read more

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids: Easy RC Cars to Drive

best remote control cars for kids

Are you an RC enthusiast and want to pass off the hobby to your kids? Looking for the best remote control cars for kids to practice with before they take on the bigger mammoths? RC cars are independent of age as anyone can use them and enjoy them. However, some are specifically designed to help … Read more