Traxxas Aton Drone Review

Learn to Fly with the Aton!

A buddy of mine dropped by the house one day to show off his new toy, turns out it was a Traxxas Aton drone. After a few minutes of showing me the controls I was in flight and I could tell right away a Aton was in my future, needless to say I was hooked!

Traxxas 7908 Aton Quad Copter Helicopter 50mph Value Bundle with Extra Flight Battery Smartphone Screen Cleaner Ready to Fly
  • Easy-to-use. No flight experience required
  • Easily capture stunning photos and video with your GoPro or other action camera (not included)
  • No complicated setup or calibration is needed

Drones are all the rage these days, and believe me there are plenty to choose from. So which one do you choose and what should you look for? That’s always the $64,000 question!

I think I have a good answer to that question, the Traxxas Aton Quadcopter!

Not only does it provide you with superb performance, but it promises you of longevity and reliability. If you are some who loves capturing aerial photos and video, this is just the right drone for you. You can effortlessly capture pictures with it using any type of action camera that you prefer. It’s easy to use and has a composite prototype which ensures that it does not give up on you after a few months. It’s the ultimate Radio Controlled flying gadget that you will not regret putting your money in.

The skill level required to fly is minimal thus you do not have to be a professional pilot to use it. This device is high recommended for new enthusiasts! It does not need any type of intricate calibration or setup. It uses electric power to charge.

To start our review here are all the advantages and disadvantages we found in 7908 Aton quadcopter.


  • It’s easy to use and function.
  • It has 1 level skill thus it does not require any flight experience.
  • It captures footage effortlessly using a GoPro or any other camera you have set in the gimbal
  • It requires no complex setup –the propellers are already attached to the gadget.
  • It has 3 modes of the flight you can use for according to your preference.
  • It has a built-in GPS which allows features like return-to-home.
  • It’s fast – it has a speed of 51 mph.
  • It has built-in air brakes that efficiently stop your drone mid-air.
  • The battery is fully protected by an encasement.
  • If the radio signal turns off due to some reason, the drone automatically returns to the place you were standing on.
  • It has visible LED lights that help you easily spot your drone and navigate it.
  • 7908 Aton has a built-in take-off button that takes the drone to a height of 3.05 meter.
  • It can connect with your phone and let you choose various features like control rates or the radius of the geofence.
  • Traxxas has a 30-day warranty on all of its electronics.
  • Generally, it is present in a red color but you can customize it with colored accessories.


  • The batteries are expensive.
  • The battery takes a lot of time to charge.
  • The flight time with a camera is only 13 to 15 minutes.
  • Since it has a plastic exterior, the unit’s functionality is sloppy at high speeds.
  • It is bulkier than most quadcopters (It weighs around 250 grams).
  • The transmitter can be confusing for beginners. It takes time to get used to its buttons.

Key Features Breakdown

This 18.75 x 3.70 inches quadcopter come with installed propellers, a value bundle that includes an extra, free of cost 500mAH battery and a Cleaner for the mobile screen. Some of its major features are as below:

Three Flight Modes

Traxxas 7908 Aton drone has three modes you can choose from; film mode, expert mode and sports mode.

If you are an amateur filmmaker or you are a photography enthusiast, you can select the film mode which would let you attentively capture the perfect drone footage you need for your vlog. It has a silent operation and lets you focus on your footage rather than the gadget itself.

If you have flown quadcopters before and are confident that you are a pro in flying it, you can use the expert mode. The expert mode provides you with the ultimate velocity, allowing you to use the Aton to its full capability.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to fly a drone or want to use it for recreational purposes, you can select the Sport Mode which unlocks the unit to its full speed potential. You will be able to fly it at high velocity. It gives you more control and lets you perform small tricks like flips using your drone.

Air Brakes

While using a drone at high-speeds, there comes a time when your drone disappears from your view or it appears like a small red dot in the sky. When situations like these occur, you need a feature that stops the drone right where it is until you get into the premises that allows you to see its progressions. This feature is built-in the Traxxas’ 7908 Aton Helicopter and is called the ‘Air-Breaks’. These breaks freeze your drone mid-air so that you can easily move it while keeping it in your eyes sight.

GPS Enable System

On top of this quadcopter, you will find a roll hoop which has an integrated GPS which gives you the exact location of your quadcopter. Now, why is this feature useful in Aton 7908? GPS, as we all know, provides us with the exact location of an object at any time. Thus, this integrated system not only gives you full control of your copter but it also stops all types of interfering wave frequencies. If the battery is low or your unit goes out of your sight, you can use its return-to-home or the position hold feature.

New users mostly worry about the fact that the device wanders off into the wild without a clue. And it takes a strenuous excursion to find the gadget and bring it back home. With this 7908 Quadcopter, you have to worry about one less thing! You simply need to press a button on the remote controller and the device will fly back to you. How great is that?

Six-Axis Stabilization

We all are sensitive when it comes to devices we invested in. We want to protect them from all kind of damages and ensure they are in the best shape. Traxxas provides the Aton 7908 Quadcopter with a feature called Six-Axis Stabilization that makes sure your device does not go crashing down if you make it turn abruptly. This feature has better detection for a fall and also for different height displacements. Thus, there is a rare chance the device will get out of your control.

Compact Prototype

Just as we said before, we are all very protective of our devices. We try to put money in the device that ensures its efficient use in the long run. Traxxas 7908 Aton is made with strong, durable materials and designed in a specific and intricate way so that it will last much longer than a usual quadcopter. How? It has been engineered by the best manufacturers out there and has integrated brushless electric motors.

What are the advantages of brushless motors, you may ask? Well, brushless motors have proven to last much longer as compared to devices that have DC motors with brushes. They reduce noise, ensure more efficient action and furthermore, it reduces any type of electromagnetic interference which aids in its GPS orientation. The motor provides you with enough horsepower to help you fly your quadcopter smoothly using any of its three modes

Traxxas Aton Review

Now that we have  good idea of all the features, here is our impressions of the Traxxas Aton Drone. 

Ease of Use

Traxxas’ Aton 7908 Helicopter is one of the easiest to use RC copter you will find in the market. Not only is it applicable for all groups of people whether their skill level is one or ten, but it also provides you with three different modes you can switch easily between which makes this device versatile.

Furthermore, it comes with numerous features, some of which we have discussed above, that would help you control your drone much better. The Quad has geofencing, return-to-home, stop-in-place, GPS and many more features that will help you flying this copter effortlessly for years.

Did you think that was it? It’s just starting! This quadcopter has a very visible and easy to understand LED display that allows you to see the status of various functions on it, like, the location of return to home feature. The lights shine bright in the air thus helping you spot your unit much better especially when it’s dark. The motors of all four propellers have lights and also, it has a lens in its posterior that lights up. In addition to all this, it has a very bright color thus making it quite visible to a naked eye.

The device comes with propellers that are pre-arranged so you do not have to go through the hassle of putting it together yourself and misplacing a screw or two. The design is engineered to be composite and thus promise you of reliability and durability.

The propellers are manufactured with precision and accuracy that allows the smooth and swift function of rotation and most importantly a noiseless application, which would keep your focus entirely on your plane.

Moreover, the battery is secured safely in a compartment so you do not lose it during the quadcopter’s flight.


We all love a device that we can modify according to our liking. This Aton 7908 provides us with as much flexibility as you can expect from a device of this kind. If the color red makes you scrunch up your nose, you can easily change it to other colors Traxxas offer.

It has a very intricate design that lets you fly this thing as evenly and levelled as possible. Not only does it let you customize its exterior, but it also lets you adjust all of its angles and speed.

Furthermore, it has a manual mode so if you do not want to use any of the three modes the device offers; you can settle on this one and fly it with the control solely in your hands. If you ask us, this device pretty much has thought about every aspect thoroughly keeping your interest in mind.


The Traxxas Aton is a fantastic drone with many quality features, but lets see how it compares to a few other drones.

Aton vs Latrex 6608 Alias

Traxxas Aton is much bigger and bulkier than the Latrax Alias but despite the weight, the Aton proves to be much faster than the Latrex Alias. The Aton has an attached gimbal that can carry a fair load on it. Whereas, the Alias Quadcopter is much more economical as compared to the 7908 Aton.

Aton vs DJI Phantom 3

Though there are some similarities between the two like they both have the same number of rotors (4), Traxxas’ Aton flies for only 20 minutes as compared to DJI Phantom’s 23 minutes. You need to buy a GoPro or any type of action camera for the Aton whereas the Phantom comes with a 720HD camera. Although, Aton quadcopter flies much faster than the DJI Phantom. The latter also costs much more than the former.

Wrap Up

One of the things that you need to keep in mind while buying a quadcopter is your preference and budget. These both aspects would help you narrow down your search and aid you in choosing the one that suits you best.

We hope the information above gave you an insight into the major features that Traxxas Aton 7908 Quadcopter has.