Today's Best RC Car Transmitters

For the Ultimate Control

Does your RC transmitter fail you? Does it not offer you the range you require? Well, just because the transmitter came with the car does not necessarily mean that it is the best rc car transmitter for you.

You can find better models that are compatible with your RC car that offer you additional features. Ready to dive in and find the best rc car transmitter for your car?

In a hurry, here’s a quick look at the RC transmitters we review in this article

What is an RC Transmitter and Receiver?

The RC Transmitter is a device that allows you to take control of the RC car wirelessly. It has a built-in antenna that allows it to send signals and commands which are then received by the receiver planted on the RC Car body connected to the driving controller.

The Transmitter is also called a controller and is denoted by TX while the receiver is denoted by RX. There are a lot of features related to the receiver and controller.

Best RC Car Transmitter Buying Guide

When buying an RC Car Transmitter, you might get confused between the various features you find on the market. However, you might not know what these features mean and as a result, you might end up buying a control system that is not suitable for you or your car.

Well, worry not! We have compiled a full buying guide to help you find what attributes to look for in the best rc car transmitter.


The first and foremost feature you need to look for is the price. Always set a budget. A more expensive transmitter does not necessarily mean a better quality one.

Check for the various attributes and then select only the one with relevant features that still fall under your budget. Most RC car transmitters cost under $100 with only a few extremely efficient ones costing above $200.

So, if you only want to drive the car around the backyard, then we recommend going for a cheaper option. However, if you plan on using it for years, then it is better to invest in the best rc transmitter you can afford.


Channels are the next important feature to look for. Each channel operates its own function. Most RC cars have only two channels as they can only perform two functions. The Channel 1 can be used for the Steering while the Channel 2 can be used for throttle or acceleration.

Often, a third channel is included as well which is mostly used as the reverse transmission.  Other channels can be used to control the lights, sounds etcetera.

We would recommend beginners to go with 2 channels and for professionals, we recommend 3 or more for extra control.


Since you might have to hold on to that transmitter for hours on time, ergonomics cannot be neglected. Ensure that the handle or pistol of the controller is easy to hold and does not put a lot of stress on your wrist.

Ensure the controller is lightweight. Nowadays, most transmitters have customizable ergonomics whereby you can adjust the steering rate and the tighten the throttle according to your needs.

We recommend both professionals and beginners to check the controller if it sits well in your hand.


Another important attribute is the range the transmitter can send out signals to the receiver. The higher the range, the farther out you can operate the RC car from.

Telemetry Features

Another feature to look out for in newer RC transmitters is telemetry. Telemetry basically allows you to monitor your cars performance.

It gives you full data on different aspects of your car and driving such as RPM, temperature, car battery etcetera. However, we would recommend only experienced users to use this feature as it can be a bit distracting for RC newcomers.

Other Electronics

Cars require only one servo for steering whereas other vehicles might require more. Servos basically rotate any shaft whether it is the steering wheel of a car or the rudder of a boat or the propeller of a plane.

ESCs are used to control the throttle of the car. If you are going for a nitro powered car, ensure that your controller has 2 servos as the second servo can be used to control the engine speed.

Computer Radios

The latest innovations in transmitters is a computer radio that allows you full control of the car. The advantage of these radio systems is that you can control multiple cars at the same time using model memory. It saves the particular set up for the particular model in its memory.

Another important feature they offer is dual rates. This allows you to choose the sensitivity of the model. End Point Adjustments or EPAs allow you to define the maximum servo for each channel. This comes in handy when you want to deal with components that could get damaged by excessive movements.

You can set a limit beyond which the servo cannot travel. We would recommend only professionals to use such control systems as they can be difficult to operate.

Today’s Best RC Car Transmitters

Below you’ll find a few to today’s best rc car transmitters available. These transmitters all have some outstanding features that will be equally appealing to both RC newcomers and those experienced veterans of the hobby.

GoolRC FLYSKY RC Transmitter TX FS-GT3B

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The GoolRC is yet another brand churning out quality RC products that will have your hearts fluttering with joy. The Flysky transmitter produced by GoolRC is a transmitter that any RC fanatic and professional would love to get their hands on.

It is essentially a more advanced version of the transmitter GT3, having a larger display area. Equipped with Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System to ensure a non-breakable bond between the receiver and transmitter.

The transmitter is made to be compatible with all types of RC models including RC cars and RC boats. It further offers anti-jamming features and a high receiver sensitivity.

It features 3 different channels with a receiver range of 2.4 – 2.48 GHz. The range is about 60 meters. The transmitter works on 8 AA batteries and displays a low voltage warning if the voltage drops below 9V.

Apart from all this, the trigger is equipped with a variable throttle, meaning the car will go faster, the harder you press the trigger.


  1. Can controls the RC car over a large range.
  2. Compatible with all types of RC cars and boats.
  3. Displays a low voltage warning.
  4. Features a Variable Throttle.
  5. High receiver Sensitivity.
  6. Features an AFHD System.


  1. The receiver is hard to bind to the transmitter.
  2. Receiver quality is not too admirable.

Futaba 4PV T-FHSS SFHSS Radio Control System with Transmitter and R304SB Receiver

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The Futaba 4PV Radio Control System features an advanced telemetry system that allows you to monitor your car’s performance, temperature, voltage levels, RPM etcetera.

However, all this data is transmitted through an audio port so you do not become distracted by watching the screen and can concentrate on driving properly. Not only this, the telemetry data can be easily saved and reviewed later on.

The ergonomics of the transmitter are customizable to allow maximum comfort. You can easily customize the throttle tension, throttle position, steering tension according to your needs. The large Backlit LCD screen ensures you can operate your car in the dark.

The transmitter has a frequency range of 2.4 GHz. It requires 4 AA batteries. The 4PV is compatible with 6 S-FHSS and 2 T-FHSS receivers. The transmitter works on a total of 4 channels, ensuring you have full control of the car.

The System allows you to program the servos as well and is compatible with S.Bus 2.  This transmitter system is perfect for professionals as it allows them full control of the car. This is not a transmitter we would recommend for a beginner as they are complicated in operation.


  1. Features Telemetry system to monitor your car’s performance.
  2. The telemetry system is voice enabled as well.
  3. Features customizable ergonomics.
  4. Works on 4 channels.
  5. Allows you to program the servo.
  6. Allows total control of the car.


  1. They might be complicated to use for beginners.

Futaba 3PRKA Radio FHSS System

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Another quality transmitter from Futaba, the 3PRKA is one of the most affordable options. With a frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz, the transmitter system is absolutely interference free.

The FHSS technology allows you to run your car smoothly without interference from other controllers. The controller features dual rate steering whereby the direction of rotation can change the speed of steering.

Also featured is a Throttle Failsafe which allows you to move the throttle to the original position in case the signal is lost. The Low Battery Warning warns you against low voltage allowing you to change batteries before you head out.

The transmitter features 3 channels allowing you for a truly interference free ride. Also feature is a built-in antenna allowing for a long-range signal.

The transmitter requires 4 AA batteries and drains a current of 100 mAh or less. This transmitter is perfect for beginners as it is easy to use and helps them stay in control of the car.


  1. Features an interference-free transmission system.
  2. Throttle Safe feature to ensure car does not get lost.
  3. Issues a low battery warning.
  4. Features Dual Rate Steering.
  5. Long Range Antenna.


  1. The transmitter tends to drain the battery quickly.

Tactic TTX300 Radio and TR325 Receiver

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The Tactic Radio and receiver both have three channels where the third channel is programmable. The controller can perform various functions such as winches, digs, and diff locks, lights, and can control multiple RC boat accessories.

The controller features Trims and EPA on the throttle and the steering where the steering rate can be easily adjusted through a rate dial.  The programmable third channel can be controlled through two buttons.

The highlight of this controller is the Secure Link Technology which ensures that an unbreakable link is established between the transmitter and the receiver. The micro-receiver featured here is small enough to fit any car.

The controller requires 4 AA batteries to use and features a bandwidth of 2.4- 2.48 GHz. The controller has an internal built-in antenna that allows it a good range of up to 40 yards. The internal build ensures the antenna does not break or suffers any damage.

This radio and controller is great for beginners as well as professionals as it is not hard to use and yet still allows you total control over the car.


  1. Features a third programmable channel.
  2. Equipped with Secure Link Technology to ensure an unbreakable bond.
  3. Features an adjustable steering rate.
  4. Can perform a wide variety of functions.
  5. Internal built-in antenna.


  1. The range of the transmitter is not very high.

Gool RC FlySky FS-GT3B 3-Channel Transmitter

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The FlySky FS GTB is a transmitter and receiver system manufactured by GoolRC. The FlySKy has a bandwidth of about 500 Hz and a Radio frequency range of 2.4 – 2.48 GHz. The model is perfect for Rc cars and even other models.

Why? Because it features 6 different channels to ensure you are always in total command of the car. The System features an Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System that offers a host of advantages. The main advantage is that it greatly reduces all kinds of interference ensuring you can drive your car in peace.

The model features a low voltage warning system as well. When the battery hits a low of 9 V, it automatically warns the user allowing them to change the battery before completely draining it.

It is equipped with anti-jamming capabilities as well as a low power consumption. All these features make it perfect for beginners to use them for cars as they are easy to operate. However, the six channels might be harder to operate for some beginners.


  1. Features 6 channels.
  2. Anti Jamming Capabilities.
  3. Features a low battery warning.
  4. Has a low power consumption.
  5. Perfect for all models of RC cars.


  1. The six channels might make it a more complicated.


All in all, these RC car transmitters are some of the best in the market. However, if we had to choose one then we would definitely recommend Tactic TTX300 Radio as it has three channels where the third channel is programmable.

The model is easy to use and provides perfect control of the car. Thus, it is perfect for all kinds of RC enthusiasts. They offer a Secure Link Technology as well as an adjustable steering rate.

It features an EPA as well to help you set your own limits. The Tactic is not the transmitter you want, it is the transmitter you need!