Best RC Boats for 2023

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While some folks would prefer to sit idly on the shore, not you though, you want to wreak havoc on the calm waters and throw some wicked rooster tails! In that case, RC boating is the game. And to win, you need the absolute best rc boats money can buy.

Whether you want to race it across the waters against others or re-enact your favorite sea battle or just stir up some trouble for the local fish, a trusty RC boat can help you achieve it all. To know more about this exciting hobby, keep reading:

TOP PICK: Traxxas Brushless Catamaran BUY
There are plenty of good rc boats to choose from in the list below, however right now the best rc boat in my opinion is the Traxxas Catamaran. This boat is fast! And with the Traxxas Stability Management it’s very easy to control on the water.

What is an RC Boat?

RC Boats are toy boats that can be navigated easily with the help of a remote controller. This controller allows you to operate your boat up to long distances via radio waves or Bluetooth. These toy boats can reach high speeds and can be used by professional RC racers or even beginners who want to have fun in the water. They are mostly made of plastic while some of their parts are made of metal.

Types of RC Boats:

There are a total of 6 main types of RC boats that are either powered by electric, nitro or gas.

Fun Sports Boats: These are the most common and popular among hobbyists. These are regular boats that are used to take out for a spin on the water. They maximum speed is around 15 mph.

High-End Sports Boats: These have high speeds greater than 20 mph. They are mainly used for winning competitions and racing. They can easily achieve speeds of 60+ mph with a few modifications.

RC Sailboats: Sailboats are powered by the wind, however, they use the remote control to steer the ship and adjust the positions of the trim and the sails.

RC Scale Boats: Scale boats are often modeled off real sized versions. They are actually built to scale to their larger counterparts.

Tug Boats: Tug boats are generally considered the same as the RC scale boat. The difference lies in the fact these tugboats utilize a scale drive system.

Combat Boat: A combat boat is for the extreme competitions. They are built like real warships. They can fire projectiles at their opponents in order to damage or sink them. These models tend to need repairs quite often.

RC Boat Buying Guide:

When it comes to choosing the best RC boats, there are some factors that one must consider before making a purchase. These various factors can decide how much you will enjoy your RC boat over the next couple of days. Here they are:

Type of Boat:

The first question you must ask yourself is for what purpose will you be using the boat. If you want to use the boat only on long weekends in your backyard pool or you want to gift it to a child, then a toy grade RC boat will be perfect in terms of price and control.

However, if you want to fly your RC boat over water at high speeds, then you might want to invest in a high-end sports boat. If you are in the mood for a leisurely ride across the river, the RC sailboat will be your best friend.

It can help you gain an understanding of real-life sailing techniques. Scale boats are fun if you want to operate your favorite boat. Lastly, combat boats are perfect for military-style folks who want to wage wars against other ships. However, ensure there are other RC warships in your area as well.


Speed is the most important factor to consider when it comes to these RC boats. They are available in a wide range of speeds from 15 mph to 40+ mph. If you want to spend some leisure time around then choose the lower speed ones as they are affordable, while if you want to race then it goes without saying that the higher speed ones are a better option.


Size is more of a personal preference. Some folks prefer them to be small enough to fit on a hand while others want them to be larger and heavier.


Most electric boats use either a brushed motor or a brushless one. The brushed motors are cheaper however, they generate less power and result in overheating. Their brushless counterparts, on the other hand, generate better speeds and produce less friction.

Hull Type:

The shape of the hull can directly influence the boat’s performance. Monohulls form a V shape and are super agile able to move in all directions. They are mostly used for rough conditions. Hydroplanes resemble a dual-pronged fork and work well in calmer waters. The Catamarans are a combination of two equal sized hulls that ensure stability in the roughest of conditions. However, they cannot work well in deeper waters.

Cooling System:

A water cooling system is a perfect way to enhance your boat’s performance. They ensure that the boat’s motor lasts longer.

Self Righting feature:

The self-righting feature is important as you cannot always go rushing in the water every time your boat capsizes. Buy one that can do auto flips!

Here is a quick video displaying the self-righting feature, notice how the boat is always upright even on quick turns.

YouTube video

Top 5 Best RC Boats

While there are many awesome RC boats on the market today, many of them can get into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. These 5 boats below are geared more for weekend warriors and beginners looking to have a little bit of fun on the water.

Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat

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The Traxxas Catamaran Boat is a sea monster made for conquering the highest of waves. Exclusively designed for the professional racers, the Traxxas with its 50+ MPH speed is sure to leave all your opponents in a haze.

It features an exclusive Stability Management System (TSM) that allows you to control every angle of your turns. The 40 inches widebody Catamaran Hull offers a wider stance on water for added stability.

The VXL-6S Marine Brushless System steals the spotlight with its innovative speed control and maximum possible heat transfer. The ESC, waterproof receiver box and the powerful torque steering servo are bolted tight to the internal structure.

The efficient and reliable Flex Cable Drive System holds the flex cable tightly and eliminates the usual set screws. The high-performance propeller easily pierces the surface and gets the hull on a plane as quickly as possible.

These features combined with the high top speed will turn this beast into a messy blur at your next race!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Better control and stability due to TSM.
  3. Waterproof receiver box.
  4. Efficient all-around cooling system.
  5. Hatch for easier access to internal components.
  6. High power Brushless Motor.
  7. Rigidly mounted internal structure.


  1. No batteries included in the package even though it requires some.
  2. Cannot be used in saltwater.

KINGBOT H102 2.4GHz Electric Racing Boat

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The Kingbot Electric Racing boat is yet another ready to run boat that is equipped with the most hardcore features that will take your breath away. The high-speed boat can reach top speeds of up to 20 MPH.

While the Traxxas surely has an upper hand with a higher speed, the Kingbot redeems itself with its affordable price. The 2.4 GHz frequency controller allows your boat to run smoothly without any interference. The range of the controller is 150 m.

The boat is incredibly adept at making sharp turns and auto flips. It includes a self-righting feature that helps it do a 180-degree turnover when it capsizes.

The 7.4 V battery allows for 15 minutes of playtime and includes a low battery warning as well. The charging time is about 2 hours.

Apart from all this, the boat is equipped with the most efficient wind and water cooling system to allow for better heat control. The Kingbot is perfect for beginners as it is easy to handle and durable.


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Interference-free control.
  3. Efficient dual cooling systems.
  4. Automatic flipping and self righting feature.
  5. Low battery system and overheating warning.
  6. Simple operation.


  1. The usage time of 15 minutes is too low as compared to the charging time of 2 hours.
  2. Cannot be used in saltwater.

ToyPark 4CH Electric RC Boat

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A true friend for beginners, the ToyPark 4CH RC Boat is simply a toy boat equipped with some high tech features. The operation is simple and easy which makes it enticing to use.

Just because it is simple to operate does not mean that it isn’t fast. The ToyPark can make ripples through the strongest of waves with a top speed of about 24 km/h . You can thank the incredible high powered motor for that!

Also featured is a self-righting feature that allows you to keep your boat in the game even if it capsizes. You can take on the most extreme sharp turns with this vehicle!

The 2.4 GHz Remote control has a range of over  100 m. Not only that, it is interference free. This means you do not have to worry about other boats messing up your transmitter signals.

The charging time of the battery is about 1.5 hours while the usage time is about 10 minutes. The ToyPark is the perfect way to start your training in the fiercest way possible!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Auto flip and self-righting feature.
  3. Interference-free control.
  4. Low battery alarm warning included.
  5. High-performance durable ABS design.
  6. Features an Anti-Tilt Hull.


  1. Cannot be used in saltwater.
  2. The charging time is too high and the usage time is too low.

USA Toyz UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

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When it comes to racing against experienced opponents, nothing is perhaps as extreme as Venom. The Venom RC Boat by USA Toyz is quintessential for those beginners willing to risk it all on the open waters.

This speedboat can reach speeds as high as 15 mph. Worried about losing your boat to capsizing? The boat’s self-righting feature ensures your boat comes back up every time it capsizes. The Venom is exclusively designed to take on all the sharp turns like a pro with an easy to steer servo. The anti-tilt hull design adds to the stability!

Also included is a water cooled single prop powerful motor that allows for greater speed and stability. The ABS plastic design offers durability to the structure by effectively absorbing high impacts!

Apart from that the controller works at a 2.4 GHz frequency and is interference free. The best part is there is a bonus battery included, this way you can run your boat while the other battery is on standby fully charged ready to be swapped!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Features an auto flip and a capsize recovery feature.
  3. Interference-free controller system.
  4. Water cooling system to prevent overheating.
  5. Bonus battery included in the package.
  6. Simple operation.


  1. Cannot be used in salt water.
  2. It is not watertight, so water can ruin the circuitry.

KingPow Tempo H100Remote Control Boat

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When it comes to the best RC boats, no one wants to miss out on the KingPow’s Tempo RC Boat. Packed with a powerful punch, the KingPow is designed to leave all your opponents behind in a mist of water!

This elusive boat can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. The RC boat is easy to operate and can be controlled by folks of all ages. The vehicle features a waterproof hull that has an anti-tilt modular design. Also featured are 4 channels for control and a 180-degree accurate orientation.

The vehicle is constructed from ABS plastic that is impact resistant. The 2.4 GHz remote control has a range of about 150 m which means you can enjoy the experience of boating in a big lake.

The 7.4 V 600mah Li battery has a play time of about 6-8 minutes while the charging time is 45 minutes. All in all, the KingPow is the way to go when looking for an easy breezy boat that can compete well!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Easy operation and simple controls.
  3. Waterproof and anti-tilt hull.
  4. Impact resistant.
  5. Long ranged controller.


  1. The usage time is way too less.
  2. There is no capsizing correcting features.


All in all, the above listed RC boats can be your trusty steed on the high waters. However, we found one RC boat that stood out amongst all the others. The Traxxas Catamaran RC boat is a one-of-a-kind boat that features a catamaran hull and a Stability Management System for greater and improved stability.

The brushless motor system ensures the fastest speed of 50+ mph. It features a self-righting feature as well. Although it cannot be used in salt waters, it makes up for that fact by its efficient all-around cooling system designed to prevent overheating. All in all, with the fierce Traxxas, you will have one of the best rc boats on the water!