Best RC Monster Trucks for 2018

Buyers Guide & Truck Reviews

Love looking at monster truck races on the TV? What if we told you could have your favorite monster truck scaled down and drive it yourself. Now we have these iconic monster machines at our fingertips with the best rc monster trucks money can buy.

Radio controlled monster trucks have swept the nation with their car crunching, dirt grinding action. Now you can get into the action too, whether you’re a beginner or an RC fanatic, these beasts are bound to blow your mind!

TOP PICK: Traxxas Stampede BUY
The Traxxas Stampede is the winner in this roundup. This 4WD machine is powered by a Titan Brushless motor and can reach speeds of near 30 mph. Traxxas is a well known brand and regularly releases excellent quality RC vehicles of all types.

What is an RC Monster Truck?

An RC monster truck is a radio-controlled monster truck scaled down from the actual model. They are self-powered trucks that users can easily control through a remote or radio controller.

They can either be fueled by gas or run on batteries. Contrary to popular belief, rc monster trucks are not just for the off-road tracks, they can be used on-road as well.

Off-road trucks have wider tires and stronger suspension systems to handle the obstacles of a rugged terrain. Two-wheel-drive models have smaller tires and a much smoother suspension. Usually they will have a tall clearance so they can run over anything without flipping.

Benefits of Having a Monster Truck

The following benefits are enough to convince you that RC monster trucks are a blessing you are missing out on:

  1. Entertainment: RC trucks can be a great source of entertainment for you or your kids. Kids love racing around and with this durable monster, you will not have to worry about it being immediately broken.
  2. Bonding: When you go off to new places to race in a group of strangers, you are bound to make new friends, as well as bonding with your children who take part in driving the RC monster truck. You can have the perfect evening teaching your kids all the tricks of an RC master.
  3. Education: Apart from developing your child’s hand-eye coordination and spatial skills, it can help them learn new information about electronics. Next time you grab the screwdriver to fix up you rc car, teach your kids the different components and what they can do.
  4. Other purposes: An RC truck can serve a wide range of functions including carrying cameras to hard to reach places or on dangerous terrain. You can make amazing videos with them. The possibilities are endless!

Best RC Monster Truck Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best rc monster truck, you might get too overwhelmed by the various features available on the market. How do you make your choice when you do not even know what all the feature means?

Well, to help you out we have compiled a complete buying guide so you can choose for yourself. Here are the top attributes you should look for in an RC Monster Truck:

Battery Life

Needless to say, battery life is one of the most important factors to consider. Most RC trucks come with their own battery. If you are simply looking for something to pass time with, either in the driveway or the backyard, 10 minutes of play time may be sufficient.

However, if you want to tackle tough terrains head on, then perhaps 20-30 minutes would suit you better. Go for a 2000mAH+ one.


Since monster trucks are intended for rough use, they can get beat up pretty badly. Ensure that the truck you hope to buy has a strong chassis and is equipped with front and rear bumpers.


Unless you want the wheels of your cars to be whipped off every time you go over a bump, then you might be in need of a heavy-duty suspension system. Choose one with adjustable oil filled shocks as they are great and can grant you the perfect traction on the off-road tracks.

2WD vs 4WD

Another essential debate is whether to choose a 2WD or a 4WD. 2WD is perfect for beginners as they are cheaper and easier to handle since you only have to control 2 wheels.

Four WD, on the contrary, uses all 4 wheels to achieve max power. These are rapid, more complex, and expensive. Those with experience with RC automobiles should go for the 4WD.


Another important factor to consider here is the top speed. For beginners, it is recommended choosing a truck with less speed as too much speed can be overwhelming and might be harder to control. For more experienced individuals, higher speeds can be suitable!


Always consider your budget when buying an RC truck because it can help you narrow down your choices. Cheaper trucks do not always mean bad quality. Even if you do choose a more expensive version, ensure it is durable or at least comes with a warranty as it can get pricey to replace.


Since you will be taking your beast machine through a number of different terrains, you need to ensure you have the right tires.

There are various types of tires out on the market including ones with pins, ribbed, grooves etc. We recommend you to do some research on the tires of the model you intend to buy.

Best RC Monster Trucks

We’ve gather what we believe to be the best rc monster trucks on the market today and reviewed each one below. Each truck has it’s pro’s and con’s but we believe they stand above the rest with their outstanding specs and features.

Traxxas 36034-1 Bigfoot No. 1 Monster Truck Vehicle

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If you are an RC fanatic, chances are you have already heard of the Traxxas Bigfoot Monster Truck Vehicle. This iconic rc monster truck is a car crushing mega machine built for conquering those rocky off-road terrains.

With the powerful Brushed Titan 12T motor, this incredible machine can reach speeds greater than 30 mph. With two-wheel-drive, the power-packed truck comes fully assembled and ready to run.

It features a 4-inch ground clearance which when paired with the ultra-tough suspension helps you rumble over anything in your path! The XL-5 ESC and the receiver are waterproof. It features an exclusive training mode as well that cuts power in half so you can learn before unleashing your full power.

The radio system is TQ2.4 GHz whose range is “as far as the eye can see”. A super fast DC charger is included as well which charges the 7 cell NiMH battery in about 45 minutes. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, the Traxxas can be your secret weapon on the tire crushing track!


  1. A high speed of about 30+ MPH.
  2. Quick charging time.
  3. Compatible with all terrains.
  4. Ergonomic receiver and transmitter.
  5. Ready to run.
  6. Features a separate training mode.
  7. Tough suspension system.


  1. The charger cannot work in normal outlets. You will have to buy a supply converter charger.

Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck

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The Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck is somewhat similar to the Bigfoot with the exception that it is four-wheel-drive granting it an edge over the Bigfoot. The Traxxas Stampede is made for all weathers with its innovative chassis and great assembly.

The TQ 2.4 GHz radio system is interference free so you can take on the race track without any fear! Also included in the package is a super powerful 8.4 Volt iD equipped Power Cell NiMH-battery and an equally superfast 4 AMP peak detecting charging. This results in the charging time being merely 45 minutes and the usage time of almost 30 minutes!

The Stampede uses XL-5 ESC and the Titan 12T 550 Modified Brushless Motor to gain the ultimate power reaching speeds of up to 30 mph and even higher. With the Stampede, you will be easily stampeding through the competition.

Exclusively designed for professionals, the Traxxas Stampede features a trail tuned differentials and tall ground clearance to turn this into a true rough monster!


  1. Waterproof ESC, receiver and other electronics.
  2. Faster charging time.
  3. Ready to run and pre-assembled.
  4. Compatible with all terrains and weathers.
  5. Tall ground clearance.
  6. Shock and vibration resistant.
  7. Brushless motor.
  8. Available in a variety of colors.


  1. A separate charger needs to be bought as the box charger can only be plugged into the car.

Redcat Racing Blackout XTE PRO Monster Truck

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The Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Monster Truck is a raging adrenaline fueled explosion waiting to happen! The extremely fast monster truck owes its speed to its super powerful electric brushless KV 3800 Motor.

The four-wheel-drive truck features a forward and reverse ESC that is brushless in order to control this beast easier. Also included are oil filled adjustable shocks that enable this car to travel across all terrains without tearing its wheels apart.

A 7.4V 3200mAh LiPo battery is included as well, which takes about two hours to charge and gives you usage time of 20 minutes in return.

The shaft-driven 4WD provides all the necessary traction you could ever need to maneuver through the most rugged terrains! The lightweight plastic chassis and the soft compound tires make a deadly combination.

Worried about water messing up your system? The RedCat has a waterproof ESC and receiver. Truly designed for professional racers and hobbyists, the Blackout is sure to knock out all your opponents!


  1. Ready to run and preassembled.
  2. Brushless motor and ESC.
  3. Shockproof and vibration resistant.
  4. Compatible with all terrains and weathers.
  5. Soft compound tires, best for off road terrains.
  6. Lightweight.
  7. Waterproof electronics.
  8. Durable, can take a beating.


  1. The tires are too small for the body weight which ends in a lot of flipping.

Axial SMT10 MAX-D Monster Jam  RC Monster Truck

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The Axial MAX-D Monster Truck is a real-life replica of the 11-time Monster Jam World championship winner the MAX-D! It is the only solid axle, ready to run RC replica of the giant beast! It is truly designed for RC fanatics and hobbyists looking to get their hands dirty in some off-road racing.

The Axial uses a compact AX10 transmission system with a brushed motor, a dual slipper, and a 32 pitch gear, all of which contribute to generating high torque for the machine. The waterproof receiver box perfectly seals all the important electronics such as the antenna, servo and the whole box.

Also included is an AR60 OCP Axle that provides the perfect ground clearance. When paired with the true four link suspension system, you get the perfect amount of traction. It features a TTX300 2.4 GHz radio system which is long range and provides you perfect transmission free from any interference.

The four-wheel-drive axle with its low slung SUV body and head turning paint can be your best friend on the track!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Waterproof electronics.
  3. Highly detailed and strong chassis.
  4. Strong suspension system.
  5. Can be used on all terrains.
  6. Interference-free transmission.


  1. The batteries and chargers are not included.

Axial SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam RC Monster Truck

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Axial is truly at the top of their game with their Monster Jam series with some of the fiercest monsters on the track! One such monster is the 4WD Grave Digger!

The Grave Digger features an AX 10 transmission system which is adjustable and features a third channel for interference-free control. The TTX300 2.4 GHz radio control is ergonomic and the SLT protocol ensures an unbreakable signal.

Also included is the WB8 HD Wildboar front and rear driveshafts that add integrity to the entire structure. The exclusively designed AR60 OCP axles are constructed from high strength composite material and add to the overall strength of the vehicle.

The True 4 Link Rear Suspension System ensures a much better steering experience so you can take on all those sharp turns! Let’s not forget the waterproof receiver box including the antenna, the ESC, and the steering servo.

Featured in the Grave Digger is a heavy duty suspension system which makes this beast compatible on all terrains.


  1. Heavy duty suspension system.
  2. Ready to run.
  3. Waterproof electronics and receiver box.
  4. Highly detailed and strong chassis.
  5. Can be used on all terrains.
  6. Extremely durable structure.
  7. Interference-free transmission.


  1. Batteries are not included.


Although all these monster trucks are truly iconic machines, there is only one that can top our best rc monster trucks list! The Traxxas Stampede is clearly the show stopper here with its top speeds of 30+ MPH.

Not only is this machine fast, but its affordable and built from high quality materials. No doubt, the defining feature here is the high power brushless motor which when paired with the XL-5 ESC result in top-of-the-class performance.

The tires are grooved and offer the perfect amount of traction. The best part is the impeccable charging and usage times of 30-45 minutes. Stamp your competition to the ground with the Stampede!