Best RC Buggy for 2023

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Are sandy beaches tempting you to tame them with your best rc buggy? But, you’re afraid your rc car will end up clogged with sand. Worry not! The RC buggy is here to solve this issue.

Designed to travel through sandy beaches, grassy pastures and even gravelly dirt roads, the best RC buggy is a fantastic new option in the world of RC vehicles!

TOP PICK: Redcat Racing Tornado BUY
All the buggies you see on this page are good options, but the buggy we find ourselves recommending more than any other is the Redcat Tornado. The brushless motor and soft nobby tires make it a perfect combo and the best rc buggy for the money.

What is an RC buggy?

RC buggies are dune buggies exclusively designed for off-road racing. Originally designed to race in the desert, these vehicles have been modified through the years and are now able to handle most terrains easily.

They are mostly divided into two types, a four-wheel-drive, and two-wheel-drive. Their most prominent features are the bigger front wheels. They are usually powered electrically, however, nitro versions are available as well. They are known as 1/10 off-road as their size is often 1/10 scale.

Why Should You Buy an RC Buggy?

Buggies are one of the most versatile vehicles in the RC industry. They are a mix between the tame RC Cars and the wild monster trucks. They deliver a better performance off-road and can handle all types of rugged terrains.

They can handle dirt roads, grass, and gravel. They are usually built lower to the ground than their classic counterparts. This ensures better stability by lowering the center of gravity. It can even conquer stunts and perform a few jumps without tipping.

So, if you want to conquer the wild off-roads, these ferocious machines can help you leave everyone in the dust!

This is a cool video showing the capabilities of a buggy on the race track.

YouTube video

Buying Guide for the Best RC Buggy:

When buying an RC buggy, there are a lot of attributes you need to look out for because most beginners and even professional racers tend to get confused in judging different features.

It is thus, important to know the significance of these features to pick out the best car for yourself and your budget. We have compiled a list of features that you should consider before buying your RC buggy:

2WD vs. 4WD:

The first feature you should consider is whether you want to buy a four-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive as it could drastically affect the performance of your buggy. In a 2WD, only 2 wheels are used to power the buggy. This is perfect for beginners as they are cheaper and easier to maintain. However, they are much slower than 4WD buggies.

4WD, on the other hand, utilizes all four wheels to attain maximum power. They are faster and more complex. However, they are harder to maintain, expensive and more complex to operate. We would recommend professional racers or more experienced drivers to pick up the 4WD.


Tires usually come in two designs: soft tires and hard tires. Soft tires offer superior grip and traction, however, they tend to wear out faster. Hard tires are more durable and offer less traction. If you intend to use the buggy outdoors, knobby tires will be the best as they have knobs on them that offer superior traction.


For electric motors in RC buggies there are two different types: brushed motors and brushless Motors.

The brushless motors deliver a much more power packed performance than their brushed counterparts. They last longer and are faster than the other option. However, they are expensive and require upgrades like a better ESC.

Brushed motors are inexpensive and simple, however, they can wear out quicker. We would recommend more experienced racers to ditch the brushed motor and take up the brushless option for a drastic increase in speed and performance.


Most RC cars either use LiPo or NiMH batteries. The major difference is that the LiPo battery is more efficient, lighter and more durable than the NiMH. For a truly powerful experience, we suggest the LiPo batteries as they provide better speed and torque.

Another factor to look for is the charging time versus the usage time. Always buy a battery that can last longer and can charge faster.


The size of a car is an essential factor when buying a buggy. Most RC models are available in a variety of sizes such as 1/8, 1/10, 1/14 and even 1/18. Most buggies are either available in 1/8 or 1/10 scale. These numbers generally give you an idea of the size.

The larger the number is the smaller the car will be. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you choose a size that lands somewhere in the  middle like the 1.10 since they are easier to operate.


The suspensions system is another factor to consider as a good system ensures a smoother ride and thus a more durable buggy. We would recommend opting for an adjustable Camber to personalize and tune the suspension according to your needs.

However, we would recommend beginners to buy one without suspension tuning as it is possible to mess up the tuning and the suspension.


The industry standard of 2.4 GHz for all RC transmitters are highly recommended as they ensure that you do not face any interference during driving. Just ensure whatever RC buggy you buy, it has a good range of at least 100 m to allow you for more clearance.


If you are a beginner, make sure that your buggy is ready to run. This will make it easier since you do not want to be overwhelmed by assembling the different parts in place.

Top 5 Best RC Buggies Reviewed

Taking all that we have discussed into consideration, we have determined the below buggies to be the best rc buggies available. Each one has features that make then stand out above others in their class.

Traxxas 24054-1 Bandit Off-Road Buggy

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In the world of RC racing, perhaps very few hold the prestigious position that Traxxas enjoys due to its high-quality RC vehicles. The Traxxas Off-Road Buggy 2 Wheel Drive is yet another premium quality RC vehicle designed specifically for RC racers and hobbyists.

The Off-road buggy boasts of a TQ 2.4 GHz radio system along with a patented waterproof receiver box that allows you to operate the vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions. The high torque waterproof steering servo packs the most powerful performance while the ESC ensures a smooth ride. In addition, it features three “Throttle Modes”: Sport, Race and Training Mode.

Also included is a battery with a fast charging system. But the best part is that there is no need for expensive upgrades to install a brushless transmission system, because the Traxxas, surprisingly, comes already brushless!

The oil-filled ultra shocks deliver a truly smooth performance over all kinds of terrains. The top speed of this monster machine is 35 mph, which is sure to leave your opponents in the dust!


  1. Features waterproof electronics.
  2. Ensures a smooth ride due to ESC and shocks.
  3. Suitable for all terrains.
  4. Brushless-ready requires no upgrades.
  5. Powerful high torque servo.
  6. Features three throttle modes.


  1. It does not include throttle and steering adjustments.

Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy

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Perhaps another dominant name in the industry, the Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro Buggy is sure to kick up a ton of dust at its top speed of 35 mph. Ultimately designed for the RC racer in you, this buggy is perfect for all kinds of terrains and weather conditions.

The vivid polycarbonate body armor ensures superior durability and reliability. Also featured are aluminum capped oil filled shocks that will ensure the smoothest of rides and will protect all electric components. The electric brushless motor is perhaps another feature to look forward to as it ensures an extremely responsive performance that will have you making the perfect turns.

The four-wheel-drive, as well as the reverse/forward transmission system, makes this a complete package for all your racing needs. The two-channel 2.4 GHz radio offers a long range and reliable transmission. The soft compound knobby tires are perfect for off-road driving! Kick up your own dirt clouds with the Tornado EPX Pro Buggy!


  1. Durable and reliable polycarbonate body.
  2. Shockproof and waterproof.
  3. Four-wheel double transmission drive.
  4. Suitable for all terrains and weathers.
  5. Includes throttle and steering adjustment.


  1. The car is nose heavy and can have problems going over jumps.

Exceed RC Electric SunFire RTR Off Road Buggy

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The Exceed RC Off-Road Buggy is ready to run and requires absolutely no assembly for some head-on, off-road smashing. Packed with first-rate features, the buggy includes a powerful 540 brushed motor along with an equally strapping electronic speed controller.

The motor is supported by a 7.2 V Ni-MH battery system to ensure a powerful four-wheel-drive. The 2.4 GHz transmitter system allows for dual steering and throttle adjustments to help you customize your experience with the vehicle.

Also included is an aluminum center drive shaft as well as large solid aluminum shock towers to help you deliver a smoother performance in all kinds of off-road terrains. Perfect for beginners because the top speed is 21 mph.

The off-road knobby tires will certainly help you drive circles around your opponents due to their superior grip. The adjustable camber and toe settings allow you to make precise adjustments for the perfect turns! Simply charge the exceed up and get ready to tame the untamed!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. A powerful motor and ESC.
  3. Shockproof and waterproof.
  4. Adjustable camber and toe settings.
  5. Dual adjustments for steering and throttle.
  6. Suitable for all kinds of terrains.


  1. It has a low speed of 21 mph.

ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle

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The ECX Desert Buggy seems to have wowed everyone with its pinpoint precision and durability. The buggy features a classic design that is ready to run! The nylon composite chassis is durable and ensures a longer lasting buggy to deliver top performance.

All electronics are waterproof which means nothing can stop this machine even the heavy rain! The extremely fierce machine owes its roaring power to the 540 Size 20T brushed motor. The oil filled shocks, as well as the independent suspension system, ensures a bump-free ride on the most rugged of terrains.

The included 7.2 V 1800mAH Ni-MH battery ensures about 15 minutes of usage. The top speed is about 20 mph which is a little less than other RC buggies. However, this two-wheel-drive car is upgradeable to a brushless transmission system which means you can reach higher speeds than the initial one.


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Durable nylon chassis.
  3. Waterproof and shockproof.
  4. Suitable for all terrains and weather conditions.
  5. Upgradeable to brushless.


  1. The speed and usage time is quite low.


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The Tozo C1025 is a dynamic electric power buggy whose superior suspension system has put it on the map. It is exclusively designed for off-road racers as well as beginners!

The powerful buggy features a four-wheel independent suspension system with a high resilience factor for each wheel using a top-notch helical spring. When combined with the shockproof system, it dampens all vibrations and creates an impressive stable drive. Perhaps the most distinguished feature is the durable PVC shell that boasts of high toughness!

The paramount rubber wheels are anti-skid and allow you to drive in all terrains and weather conditions. The 2.4 GHz radio technology features a wide range of up to a 100 m.The 7.4 V battery allows about 15-20 minutes of usage. The top speed of 32 MPH will certainly thrash all other cars in the game!


  1. Ready to run.
  2. Durable PVC outer shell.
  3. Shockproof.
  4. 100 m radio control range.
  5. Anti-skid, high-quality tires.
  6. Suitable for all terrains.


  1. Features a relatively low playtime of 20 min.


All in all, the RC buggy should be your trusty steed when you want to conquer the off-road. Although all these buggies proved their position on our top five, the Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy is the clear winner.

The electric brushless motor was the dominant feature as it allowed the buggy to reach speeds of up to 35 mph. The soft knobby tires, as we have mentioned before, are the perfect combination for a traction-filled ride.

Waterproof and shockproof systems were just the icing on the cake. The 4WD buggy is perfect to drive under all weathers and in all terrains.