Today's Best RC Excavators

RC Excavator Reviews & Buying Guide

Does your kid love looking at construction projects? Do they want a construction machine of their own? Well, then we have got the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for them! An RC Excavator!

This fun machine might look like a toy, but we can guarantee you will find yourself using it more often than your child! The best RC Excavator transcends all boundaries of age, ensuring you have the time of your life with your kids!

Want to know more? Let us dig deeper and lean more about today’s best rc excavators!

TOP PICK: Double E 17 Channel BUY
The Double E 17 Channel RC Excavator is the best rc excavator choice right now. This machine comes with 3 interchangeable accessories that include a shovel, grabber, and a drill. 17 channels assure you the ultimate control over this machine with a range of 80 feet. Perhaps the best feature is the long battery life. The Double E can run on a single charge for approximately 40 to 50 minutes.

What are RC Excavators?

RC Excavators are radio-controlled replicas of real-life excavators. They are usually scaled down so they can be easy to maneuver.

These excavators perform all the same functions that real life excavators can perform. They can dig and dump dirt from the ground. Typically, they are constructed from plastic and include a cabin and an arm. The arm is connected to a metal shovel that digs up the ground.

They can be made out of metal as well and can include other interchangeable parts that can help them perform other functions.

What are the Interchangeable Arm Parts?

There can be several interchangeable parts of the arm, some of which are included below:

  1. Shovel: A metal shovel is the best tool to dig up the ground. It is made of metal and is extremely durable. It is one of the most typically used part of the Rc excavator.

    One of the motors in an excavator controls the up and down movement of the shovel so, you can choose how much to dig up and how much to dump.

  2. Fork or Grappler: A fork or grappler is, in the simplest words, a claw. It can pick up rocks, logs or other heavy objects and move them out of the way. Large rocks that deter your shoveling can be easily lifted out of the way using one of these.

    The motor controls the opening and closing of the fork so you are in full control of how it performs.

  3. Drill: If you are tired of lifting the rocks, you can take a break and have some fun by smashing them to pieces. A drill rotates and pierces through the rock breaking it so you can easily shovel up the smaller pieces.

    It comes in handy with rocks too heavy to be lifted by the fork. The motor controls the rotation of the drill bit.

Best RC Excavator Buying Guide:

Buying RC excavators might sound like fun; however, it can be extremely hard. You have to go through hundreds of seemingly similar RC excavators only to come to a standstill.

This Buying Guide helps you recognize the huge differences in these apparently similar products. Following are the attributes you must consider while buying one:


The price of RC excavators is relatively low as compared to other RC products. The cheapest of them can cost $30 while the most expensive do not tend to exceed $100. So, which should you go for?

A cheaper machine might mean a lower number of functions or channels. This means you might not be able to control them like the more expensive ones. However, we would still recommend newcomers to buy a cheaper excavator.

Why do I recommend this? RC Excavating can be a fun time, but let’s be honest, it’s probably not for everyone. Some would rather race fast rc cars, or fly planes than dig up dirt. I suggest buying a cheaper version to see if you will stick with it. Then if you like the hobby, step up to a better RC excavator with more channels and functions.


An excavator performs a lot of functions including extending the arm, rotating the cabin, bending the arm, movement of the shovel/grappler/drill, lights, sound, climbing, moving in all directions etcetera.

Channels can help you control these functions. Therefore, a higher number of channels mean a higher number of functions for you to control. We encourage beginners to go for a lower channel excavator while professionals or hobbyists should go for higher channel ones. Typically, excavators include 6-17 channels.

Interchangeable Parts

Another feature to look for is how many interchangeable parts these machines have to offer. Let’s face it; a shovel gets boring after a day or two! We recommend both professionals and beginners to go for as many interchangeable parts as they can!


A higher range indicates you can easily control the excavator from afar. Both beginners and hobbyists should go for a higher range excavator.

Battery Life

A higher battery life is always preferable since that means you can dig as long as you want. Lower battery life might result in having to leave the digging for hours until the excavator is charged up again. Higher battery life is another feature we recommend to everyone.


Look for the terrain you want to work on. If the terrain around you is extra rocky or hard, you’ll need to take that into consideration and look for a more heavy duty RC excavator. These can sometimes be a bit more expensive initially.

For sandy, softer terrains you can get away with a bit more of a lightweight version. This can save you a bit of money to put into a lipo battery upgrade for your excavator.

For indoor use, you just need to make sure the isn’t any issues with the tracks getting stuck in the carpet, other than that any type of excavator will be great for indoors.

Top Race Shovel Remote Control Excavator -TR211

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The Top Race Excavators may look like a small kid’s toy due to its small size, however, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This dirt stomping machine has a metal shovel and heavy duty tracks which can conquer the toughest of terrains. It looks like a real-life excavator compacted to a scale of 1:14.

Perhaps the most superior feature of the Top Race are the three different motors that help you stay in full control of the arm. One of the motors controls the up and down movement of the shovel, while the second controls the elbow and the third the extension of the arm. With 680 Degree cab rotation, it can certainly dig up any place you want with the utmost ease.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz transmitter, the Excavator can be controlled from a distance of about 100 Feet. It features 15 channels to ensure you have full control over the machine. The machine runs on a 7.2V 400mAh Rechargeable battery with a play time of about 20 minutes and charging time of 80 minutes!

The Top Race is perfect for beginners and professionals due to the realistic operation and the top-notch features offered!


  1. 3 motors ensure full control.
  2. 15 interference free channels.
  3. Realistic Operation
  4. Rotates about 680 degrees.
  5. Suitable for rocky terrains.
  6. 100 feet control range.


  1. The battery life is not sufficient.
  2. It is not recommended for kids as the operation is too complex.

DOUBLE E 17 Channel RC Excavator

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It should come as no surprise that the Double E RC Excavator finds itself on our list of the best rock crunching machine. A full-featured ABS Plastic construction toy, it has a metal shovel as its primary attachment to excavate the toughest of dirt.

Also included in the package are two additional attachments: a breaker and a grabber. The Double E is a realistic representation of a construction machine scaled down to 1:16. The machine is powered by three powerful motors that control the motion of the arm.

Equipped with a 17 channel 2.4 GHz transmitter, it can support multiple players and ensures interference-free play time. It supports a control range of up to 80 feet.

The heavy-duty rubber tracks can get over the highest of rocks without breaking a sweat! The cab can rotate 680 degrees and features flashing lights and sounds, which can be muted as per your convenience.

The included battery is a 4.8V 800mAh battery, which gives you good long playtime of about 40-50 minutes.

It is best used by professionals due to the complex operations, however, beginners can try their hand at it too as it is not hard to learn.


  1. 17 anti-interference channels.
  2. Realistic representation and working.
  3. 3 accessories including a shovel, breaker and a grabber.
  4. Transmission range up to 80 feet.
  5. Long battery life.
  6. Can operate on all kinds of terrains.
  7. 3 motors for independent arm
  8. 680-degree cab rotation.


  1. You need to unscrew the battery holder and take the batteries out to charge each time.
  2. The claw can pick up only lightweight objects.

PowerLead Ptco T009 RC Excavator

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As the name suggests, the PowerLead Ptco T009 RC Excavator is the ultimate power tool to dig up all you the dirt you want!

This mega rock munching machines is powered by three different motors. Each of these motors contributes to a different specific movement which leads to independent control of the arm.

Attached to the ABS plastic body of the excavator is a metal shovel which is durable and can get through the most congealed dirt.

The best thing about the PowerLead? You can use it indoors and outdoors. Rainy day out? Simply get a sandpit and start excavating or just play with it. Its tracks are of high quality and can get through the toughest terrains as well as the dreaded carpets.

The excavator can move in all directions and the cab can rotate a full 360 degrees. Also included is a transmitter with 2.4 GHz that has a control range of up to 100m. The transmission is absolutely interference free and ensures you can play without worrying!

Also featured are lights and sounds that can make the whole process even more enjoyable for professionals and beginners alike!


  1. Real stimulated performance.
  2. 100 meter control range.
  3. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  4. Independent control due to three motors.
  5. Features 12 months warranty and 36-day free trial.
  6. Cab rotates 360 degrees.


  1. The charger is not included in the package.
  2. The sound cannot be muted.

Top Race RC Fork Excavator-TR 215

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The Top Race never fails to innovate! Apart from their regular shovel excavator, they have introduced an RC Fork excavator as well.

The detailed and realistic heavy duty steel Grapple Fork imitates real life construction machines even though it is built to a scale of 1:14. It can carry logs, rocks, and transport all types of objects.

It is equipped with 3 separate powerful motors each of which power the arm to ensure maximum movement. The cab itself can turn a full 680 degrees. The heavy-duty tracks are all you need to get through the toughest of lands.

Included in the package is a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a range of about 100 feet. The transmitter has about 15 channel providing you with a vast variety of functions at your fingertips.

Included is a 7.2 V 400mAh rechargeable battery with a play time of 20 minutes. However, it takes about 80 minutes to charge fully.

This RC excavator is the perfect choice for beginners as well as kids because the operations are easy to learn and you can play with it anytime you want!


  1. Independent Arm control using 3 separate motors.
  2. 15 channels for a variety of functions.
  3. 100-meter control range.
  4. Compatible with all kinds of terrains.
  5. Can carry heavyweight objects.
  6. Features 680 degree cab rotation.


  1. It features a Short playing time.
  2. Some users might experience troubles with the battery pack.

Top Race Remote Control Excavator-TR211/215

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Top Race finally decided to merge their two most popular products i.e. the Shovel and the Metal Fork Excavator into one single mega construction machine.

This machine has interchangeable parts including a metal shovel for digging and excavating as well as a heavy-duty steel metal fork for lifting and transporting rocks or other hurdles out of the way. In this way, you get more out of the product for less!

The machine is built on a scale of 1:14 equipped with three powerful motors. These motors control the arm at different points and ensure independent operation of each of these points.

The cab can rotate about 680 degrees. This excavator features 2.4 GHz transmitter has a total of 15 channels and can control the excavator from up to 100 feet. The same battery is used here as well, the 7.2 V 400mAh one with a play time of 20 minutes and a charging time of 80 minutes.

It is essentially the same machine as the 211 or the 215, however, the added advantage is you can enjoy both these machines in this single excavator at exactly the same price!


  1. Interchangeable Metal shovel and metal grapple fork.
  2. 3 motors for independent arm
  3. Transmission range of up to 100 feet.
  4. Features cab rotation of about 680 degrees.
  5. Compatible with all terrains.
  6. 15 interference-free channels.
  7. Realistic operation.


  1. It features a shorter battery life.
  2. The operation is a little complex.


All in all, an RC excavator can be the most thrilling part of your day! However, if we had to choose one, we would definitely choose the Double E 17 Channel as the best RC Excavator. It certainly outshone others in terms of the durable and reliability.

The 17 channels ensured you get all the functions you need while the three motors granted you with independent arm control. The best part? It comes with three interchangeable accessories including a shovel, grabber, and a drill.

With the Double E, you can work on your next construction project without breaking a sweat!