Traxxas Rustler RTR Review

Powerful 1/10 Scale Off Road Machine

Ready to rumble and rustle? If you’re looking for the perfect rc car to help you conquer the streets and the dirt roads, perhaps the Traxxas Rustler is the car you’ve been looking for.

The Rustler is perfect for hobbyists and RC car enthusiasts. It comes ready to run in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from!

However, that’s not all! The Rustler is one of the most popular Traxxas cars as it comes with modifiable and customizable parts that you can adjust according to your preferences. Afraid of a little mud? No worries, the waterproof electronics ensure that the Traxxas remains a fan favorite.

This dirt munching machine can reach speeds of up to 35+mph. With a precision transmitter, you can easily race side by side with your kids or friends without the fear of interference. The Rustler ensures you always stay in control.

And if that wasn’t enough, its shock absorbing system deflects the strongest of impacts, elongating the life of your car by years! Overall durability and innovative features have garnered the Rustler a healthy 4.7 out of 5 on our charts!

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Ready to learn more? Read our complete Traxxas Rustler review below, you’ll be surprised with what the Rustler has to offer.


  • Easily customizable parts.
  • Durable fiber composite construction.
  • Top speed of above 35 mph.
  • Includes waterproof electronics as well as waterproof receiver box.
  • Better impact resistance with oil filled ultra-shocks.
  • Improved cornering through the bellcrank steering system.


  • Charger only fits in a car. You need an adapter.
  • Complicated controls.
  • Charging takes up to 2 hours.

Key Features:

The Rustler comes equipped with exciting features that will leave your opponent in the dust. These key features are:

Waterproof Receiver Box and Electronics

Waterproof electronics and receiver box allow you to use the car in any weather condition you like! This ensures the car can run safely over water and mud and not damage itself in the process.

TQ Radio System

The Traxxas Rustler is equipped with a TQ 2.4GHz radio system that allows you to stay in full control of the car. What’s surprising is that the system has no channels so you can easily enjoy with your friends without interference ruining the fun.

The receiver is designed in an ergonomic fashion so as to not cause any strain on your hands. The range of this car is about 250 feet. Also included is an internal antenna that reduces any risk of damage. You can easily customize the settings as well to suit your style!

Battery and Charger

The Rustler comes equipped with a strong and powerful 8.4 V ID-equipped NiMH battery. The battery can store 3000mAh of charge which is what makes the battery last longer than most other vehicles.

The run time of the battery is about 15-20 minutes while the charging can take up to 2 hours.

To help you charge your batteries, Traxxas has included a 4-amp peak detecting charger that allows you to charge your batteries 10 times faster than a normal charger.

It requires a 12v DC outlet and connects to your car. However, Traxxas has thought out everything! They have included an AC to DC converter that allows you to plug it in your homes as well.

Powerful Titan Motor

The Traxxas Rustler gets its high speeds of 35+MPH from the 12 turn modified Titan motor. This motor delivers a quick boost to the car for thunderous acceleration and sheer power.

The best part is that the motor has a cooling fan installed which prevents it from heating up, thus elongating the life of the motor. The drive is two-wheeled which might limit its power.

Brushless Transmission

Brushless transmission allows power to be transferred easily from the motor to the parts without any friction. This means no energy is lost and the car achieves its maximum potential easily. It elongates the life of the motor as well because there will be no moving parts that can cause any wear or tear on the body.

High Torque Steering Servo

The high torque steering servo ensures you remain in complete control of your car and where it goes. The servo is waterproof so you can easily conquer mud and water without worrying about any damage.

Oil-Filled Ultra Shocks

Everybody wishes for the smoothest turns and corners. Well, with the oil filled ultra-shocks, it is definitely possible. The Oil filled ultra-shocks help you tune the suspension to your desire. These include a wide range of oil, springs and some pistons.


The tires on the Rustler are 2.8 inches in diameter and ribbed for superior traction and grip. These rubber tires include foam inserts that enhance stability on any kind of surface.\


The best part about the Rustler is that it is built for everyone, either they are a clueless novice or a seasoned professional or just a bored hobbyist. It includes three different modes that you can set according to what you want to do.

The first mode is sports mode where everything is fully functional without restraints. For beginners, there is a training mode that reduces the power to half so you don’t crash and burn. It can help you learn properly. The last mode is the race mode which is perfect for drag racing since you won’t be able to reverse and the brakes are at 100%.

Traxxas Rustler Review

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So, how do all these features affect the performance of the truck? Well, to find out we tested the Rustler on a few criteria. These criteria determined whether the Rustler can truly deliver an ecstatic performance or will simply average out like the others?


When you’re investing in an expensive RC car, you must ensure that it will last you through bashing. The Traxxas Rustler comes waterproof, allowing you to race it through the mud tracks or snow. You won’t have to worry about the electronics damaging.

Another great factor to note here is the durability of the motor. The brushless motor ensures there are no moving parts which reduce any wear or tear. The polycarbonate body of the Traxxas ensures it can take a bashing without any damage to the interior. The Rustler reaps in major points for durability.


One of the most critical criteria is the suspension of the car. We were surprised to find out the suspension of the Rustler was excellent. Its oil filled ultra-shocks ensures you always get the smoothest ride regardless of the bumps in the road. Furthermore, it ensures that no internal circuitry gets damaged during the ride.

Performance on the Track

The Rustler is perfect for both on roads and off roads. Its large tires ensure it can easily pass over any obstacle that comes in its way. It can reach high speeds of 35+mph in seconds which can help you win all kinds of races.

It can perform some high leaps as well, up to 20 feet high. The response is ultra-smooth without any delays. You can thank the TQ system for that!


The Rustler is popular because it can be customized very easily. The suspension can be tuned according to your preference. In addition, you can modify the preset modes as well as the control settings on the receiver, however, you like it!

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Battery Life

15-20 minutes of play time might seem very low, however, if you compare it with other cars that get merely 5-7 minutes, the Rustler might start seeming like a saint. This allows you to play for a long time and complete longer races. The fast-acting charger is supposed to charge up the 3000mAh battery quickly, however, it does so in 2 hours.

You can keep an extra battery with you in case it runs out during play time.

How Does the Traxxas Rustler Match Up?

Well, we never said the Rustler was the absolute best. However, it still competes fairly well with the other cars in the market. Especially when you consider its cheap price.

To help you understand how it fares against its most popular competitors, we have compiled a few comparisons with similar rc cars & trucks.

Traxxas Rustler vs. Hosim 1:10 Scale Monster Truck

The Hosim is a popular 4WD monster truck with a huge range of about 87 yards. The Rustler, on the other hand, has a range of 83 yards which is just slightly smaller. However, the Hosim has a larger ground clearance and thus can easily climb over rocks and all types of debris.

The Rustler beats the Hosim in terms of speed and superior customization. The Hosim can reach a speed of up to 30mph while the Rustler can easily exceed 35mph. Which may not seem like much but on the track it makes a huge difference.

The controls of the Hosim are fairly simple and quite honestly boring for pros. The Rustler on the other has a lot more options.

Traxxas Rustler vs. Traxxas Slash

It’s brother against brother! The Slash is a 4 WD drive car and tough to beat. Its powerful VXL motor allows the Slash to reach speeds of over 60mph. Its polycarbonate body is just like the Rustler’ except its transparent so you can paint your own.

However, it does not come equipped with a transmitter, battery or charger. You’ll have to buy all three things on your own. Also, the tires of the Rustler are 0.6 inches longer than the Slash which ensures more ground clearance!

Traxxas Rustler vs. the Arma Kraton

Rustler and Arma Kraton are like twins with their superior suspension and interference-free transmission system. Both of them have waterproof receiver boxes, ESC, and servo. Both their motors are brushless.

However, the Arma does not come equipped with a charger or batteries. You’ll have to buy them separately. The Rustler, on the other hand, comes equipped with a powerful 3000mAh battery and a fast-acting DC charger.


So, all in all, the Traxxas Rustler is guaranteed to give you the power you’ve never imagined before! Its innovative features and durability have set it apart from the rest!